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Amazing products. It really helps me in my workout.
Amazing products. It really helps me in my workout.

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Purchase 2 products or more and use promo code EXCELLENCE15
to get an instant rebate of 15% on the total of your order.

Figure Athlete

Michelle Gagnon

2016 Ben Weider Legacy Cup IFBB Pro Qualifier
Bodyfitness (figure) 2nd place
2016 IFBB North American Championships
Figure C 6th place 2016 CBBF National Championships
Figure C 2nd place 2015 APQ Championnat Québec Open de l’Ouest
Figure medium 1st place / 2015 APQ Championnat Provincial
Figure medium 1st place and overall figure champion


Height : 5'3'
Weight : 122 lbs
Birthdate : 1995-05-08
Hometown : Sudbury

Michelle Gagnon is a 21 year old national and international level figure competitor. Recently placing 2nd in Canada and 6th in North America, she has just begun her journey and is determined to make it to the top. Sports have always played a big role in her life from the day she could walk. Outside of the private sporting teams, she also competed in more than 5 sports in high school including cross country running, hurdles and baseball. Being a natural athlete, she instantly fell in love with weight lifting and set the goal to compete from the very beginning. Michelle made her figure debut and stepped on stage for the first time in 2015 at the APQ Québec Open de l'Ouest competition. She took first place in her height class and proceeded to compete in the provincial championships just 9 weeks later, taking not only her height class but the overall figure title as well. In 2016 she kicked off her competition season with the CBBF National Championships in Vancouver where she placed 2nd in the country. Unsatisfied, she decided to step on stage in Pittsburgh at the IFBB North American Championships three weeks later, then finished her competitive season in Edmonton at the Ben Weider Legacy Cup Pro Qualifier. She placed 6th and 2nd, respectively. After a successful and busy competition season, Michelle is now glad to be focusing on her university education until next season comes around. She takes pride in having a balanced life, being able to compete all while excelling in other parts of her life. She hopes to earn her IFBB Pro card within the next year and begin to compete in the pro circuit to eventually qualify for the Mr. Olympia. As a biopharmaceutical science student, I can say that the active ingredients in Excellence Nutraceutik's are topnotch and essential to peak performance.

My favorite EN products are Thyro Prime and Prime Phase 1+2. Being a figure competitor, proper hormone control and thyroid health is crucial. Thyro Prime optimizes thyroid function and assures that my metabolism is always performing at its best. Prime Phase 1+2 provides proper liver support and detoxification. It is known that the liver has over 500 functions in the body, so keeping it healthy is vital.

Michelle's favourite product

Thyro Prime

Thyroid gland function helper

From $27.99

90 capsules


Body Building Athlete

Jean-Nicolas Audet

Senior light heavyweight and all-round champion, Est-du-Québec, 2010
Provincial senior light heavyweight champion, 2010
2011 National Championships, 10 place, senior heavyweight division
2012 National Championships, 8 place, senior heavyweight division


Height : 5'7'
Weight : 216 lbs
Hometown : Québec

Jean-Nicolas Audet, a nationally ranked bodybuilder with multiple wins on the Canadian scene, started training when he was 14. He won the Québec provincial junior heavyweight championship, as well as all the junior categories, and followed up with a number of stand-out performances.

Jean-Nicolas has retired from competition and is concentrating on the development of Excellence Nutraceutik, a line of pharmaceutical-quality supplements that he created to meet the need of athletes and anyone wanting to improve their health.

Jean-Nicolas' favourite product

Prime Phase 1+2

Support of hepatic functions

From $34.36

120 capsules


Figure Athlete

Camille Vigneault

2015 IDFA Gatineau-Ottawa Classic Figure - Second place


Height : 5'4'
Weight : 130 lbs
Birthdate : 1989-07-06
Hometown : Montreal

Camille is a Figure competitor. Sports and competition have always been a very important part of her life starting with athletics and badminton. Her passion for body building and nutrition as well as her thirst for discipline and overcoming challenges have led her to her first competition in October 2015 where she won second place in her category. Her goals for 2016 include earning her pro IDFA card and competing at the Quebec Open Championship. Camille obtained her bachelor’s degree in animal physiology and immunology before obtaining her bachelor’s and master’s degree in physiotherapy. She has 4 years of experience in personal training and has been practicing physiotherapy since September of 2015.

I strongly recommend taking omega-3 supplements to lower risk of heart disease, improve recovery from exercise and reduce inflammation. Essential Fatty acid 720 is a great supplement because it’s highly concentrated in EPA and DHA. I also like Prime Time, that I take before my training. It helps with recuperation and protein synthesis and limits fatigue and muscular catabolism.

Camille's favourite product

EFA 720

Source of Omega-3

From $31.99

120 Softgels


Sport Athlete

Billie Derouet


Height : 5'4'
Weight : 122 lbs
Age : 24

Billie Derouet is an International Grand Prix level competitive horseback rider with over 17 years of experience. She has competed in Canada, United State and in Europe and won many prestigious titles. The two-time Canadian junior champion is always looking to push further to reach her goals. Some of her titles include silver in both the C.E.T Medal and the Canadian National talent squad as well as the amateur Canadian Champion title.

In addition, she walked away with the silver medal at the North American Junior Championships as well as the top Canadian finish at the North American Young Rider Championship. More recently, she was named the top senior athlete of the year in Quebec. Although she is focusing on her horseback riding career, she is also a trainer and very interested in fitness and encourages a healthy lifestyle to improve her athletic abilities. Billie regularly uses Prime Time and Thyro Prime by Excellence Nutraceutik to keep her energy and strength levels at their maximum during her training sessions. These products help her reach her full potential to be able to ride and compete day in and day out. Just like EN, Billie puts emphasis on integrity, dedication and hard work.

Billie's favourite product

Prime Time - Grape


From $39.99

600 g


Thanks for the great customer service support regarding my order. I am very impressed with the customer service support I received. I was also surprised at how quick my order was fulfilled and shipped. I will definitely shop here again.
Maxime Beaudoin
This is my 2nd time ordering from Excellence Nutraceutik, I'm beyond satisfied with the company, you guys have all the products I like and great prices also I get my package within 2-3 days it's awesome definitely won't be ordering anywhere else!
Eric Harvey

Our products stand out because of their precise formulations. Our company is committed to innovation that will allow you to go beyond the limits you set for yourself when you began training.

 - Jean Nicolas Audet, Founder of Excellence Nutraceutik

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Our latest stories on Instagram. Don't be shy and come share your stories with us.